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Whether you have an hour a week or lots of free time to fill, we welcome your support. We have an ongoing need for drivers who can deliver in our neighborhood or to organizations on the south and west sides. We also have opportunities for people who would like to hang flyers, pack food and supplies, coordinate deliveries, connect neighbors with tenant resources, bring supplies to houseless encampments, and many many more. 


Delivering food and supplies to our neighbors is one of our largest tasks and we are always taking donations to help fill this need. If you would like to donate, simply fill out the form below to let us know what you have to share. There, you can find a list of our most-requested items and learn how to coordinate pick-up or delivery of your donation. You can also check Facebook to see our most up-to-date requests.


We collect financial donations through a GoFundMe that is shared with two other mutual aid groups. We use 25 percent of that money to purchase food and supplies for people in the Lincoln Square/Ravenswood area, and we reserve 75 percent of it for groups on the south and west sides of the city. These groups provide a wide range of resources to their neighborhoods and we believe in redistributing the majority of our donations to their vital efforts. 

Is there a way your neighbors can support you? Just ask. 

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